This is a set of fictional vintage matchbox condom ads; the brand "Chief" is fictional, too.
They are designed as a tribute to classic matchbook covers which have been used as a form of advertising since the late 19th century.
The reason why I created them is because I really like old stuff. Ok, retro stuff is very trendy these days but in my opinion it's more a kind of a tribute to a design era.
Why I chose this essential product? Well, it was just the first thing that came in my mind. And condoms are not just for obvious purposes, you can also use them for many funny things like balloon animals or to stick your head in them. You can also wrap your fruits and vegetables in them; bananas and cucumbers are much-loved in this case, never understood this trend.
And hold your hat, believe it or google it, there are also entire dresses made of condoms. So they can be a piece of design themselves.

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